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Each individual piece of jewellery is handcrafted by our skilled Artisan Goldsmiths in our jewellery workshops, where we have been based for several decades.

Each piece of jewellery is unique to you, due to the hand crafted design process and personalisation of the product.

The casting, assembly finishing and polishing takes several hours per piece of jewellery and all is done by hand, no machines are involved.


Once we have made your item of jewellery, with great care and respect we place your supplied ashes into the recess created specifically for holding the ashes.

We then place a substantial backing and carefully solder it with gold or silver into position, making your piece of jewellery air tight and water tight, in fact totally sealed.

Your ashes will remain securely within your chosen piece of jewellery. There are no adhesives, sealants or screw threads used at all.


If you have selected a personalised message, this will then be hand chased with great skill into the rear of the piece, by our experienced hand engravers, we utilise a very traditional craftsman method for all engraving.

This ensures longevity of the engraved message, unlike machine engraving, it will not rub or wear off through wearing.